The prevention of the summer classic sun images , … to avoid the heat of midday, the use of sunscr

[Health] on the prevention of the summer classic sun images, … to avoid the heat of midday, the use of sunscreen required

Now in its summer vacation, obligations Jun Mr. fan (a pseudonym), which went to Jeju Island. Although up to be playing in the water a week along with the children was good, it is in the family that skin back to Seoul has been appeared tingling inflammatory reaction is struggling. Disease name the doctor ruled specialized hospital of image processing visited a few days ago is the sun image (tan). Summer scorching sun in the skin added a description of diseases that can be displayed may be a long time exposed. In particular, stiffness If the affected area is again exposed to sunlight, because there is that pain is further badly, received a warning to refrain from going out. However, in the position of Mr. Kim to the workplace life, it is that unacceptable. Name unfamiliar sunlight image also is really any kind of disease, the treatment of the method was examined and what it is.

  58 029; in the summer heat wave that is raging there are the symptoms of various types of sun image such as the inflammatory reaction of the skin occurs

Caution is required. A small photo of the lower left, and charred

Figure of sunlight image patient.

On the day of greater than 30 degrees recently as shall be to the health maximum attention of the skin. Sunlight, especially when prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, of course erythema inflammatory reaction of the skin, because the symptoms of the sun image burning black may occur.

Most of the disease, inflammatory substances secreted from keratinocytes which absorb ultraviolet rays my appear while expanding the blood vessels. At the same time, ultraviolet rays increases the transmission power of the vessel wall, by releasing inflammatory cells outside the blood vessel, sometimes cause problems. Sometimes occasionally to induce UV acts directly vessel wall disease.

After the sun burns, it swells to climb wearing red is normal skin symptoms appear. Moreover, sometimes with fever feeling with painful irritation. Such Despite symptoms, and continued to the sun, when it is repeatedly exposed, pigmentation, of course, it can be generated to the light aging. Symptoms become more and blisters badly but is while face and limbs and out heat swollen.

Black burnt skin are also symptoms of sunlight image

Can be seen easily around black burnt skin is also one of the symptoms of actually sun image. In order to skin prevent ultraviolet rays, of melanin cell function is enhanced his own, this time, made Rodriguez skin was burnt. Be burned black, in the process of receiving the ultraviolet rays, but flash is revealed in the skin is a phenomenon that is actually being displayed. Not only the red unusual skin by sunlight, you can soothe recognized as also black burnt skin disease, it must go down the deployment.

Then, what is the remedy when wearing a light image of the sun. Mischief distance skin is a top priority to be calm in the cold water. Skin exposed to ultraviolet radiation, and continues to be to enhance the melanin-cell function in order to contribute to the synthesis of melanin, must get off the rapidly soothes expand as much as possible.

Cold water for that, it is a cold towel, such as in the best way that us to the 1st 3 to 4 with cold compress the affected area. If you suffered a light image of the sun to the whole body, and refrain from the use of soap and shampoo, it is useful to shower with only cold water. On the other hand, if it suffered a light image of the sun in the face, makeup using care to moisturizing must be reduced the stimulation to a minimum. In particular, it is better to drink 7-8 cups of water about one day for hydration.

Besuti no hospital image reconstructive surgery Gimusongyu director (surgical specialist) is, to immediately after burn in sunlight, is really necessary to manage to reduce the will so as to rapidly expand in the skin. Instantly moisture with him When implementing the method to help maintain the regeneration of skin, such as supplying, alleviation of symptoms, of course, it was said, can prevent sequelae.

Ice bag compress rather worsening of the wound

Skin dryness and erythema it is useful to paint a terrible skin softener and alcohol component there is no moisturizer. In addition, if the pain is severe, you can take anti-inflammatory agent in response to the prescription of the doctor, in the case of itchy, there you can paint a steroid ointment, also be an anti-histamine drug is administered orally.

However, if the blisters happened, so as not forcibly crushed. This risk of secondary infections is of course, because depending on the flaw about the stiffness healing time also differs come. In this case, it must be treated in a specialist. There are cases where occasionally have a poultice bag of ice to sunlight stiffness, which is hot flashes can be relaxed, but those who refrained it is possible to deteriorate the image is secure.

In particular, start peeling while lifting the skin develops from one week after to bring the light image of the sun as Kim. In this case, without stripped excessive skin, you can leave them alone to fall naturally, it is preferable to apply a moisturizer.

Of 11:00 to 15:00 summer, the strongest time stand the light of the sun in the day. Therefore, in this time, as much as possible it is better to refrain from outdoor activities. If you want to go out of necessity is, 30 minutes before, it must be to paint to carefully pre-SPF 30 or more sunscreen.

Sunscreen, taking into account the time the blocking effect is sustained, it is good to me painted in about two to three hours every. Also particularly cloudy day, a long period of time when exposed to sunlight, so it may be a problem, collar marked with hats and parasols, it is preferable to properly take advantage of the long-sleeved clothes.

Sunlight image prevention, or treatment professional cosmetics What

Really toner Besuti no type, such as R plus rich

Cosmetics series for the prevention and treatment of sun image, which was released by the image processing specialist hospital Besuti no. Seoul Gangnam Beth Tian Byun won a treatment specialist hospital of Health and Welfare specified image from 2006, prevention of rehabilitation and sun image of the skin, are suitable for treatment cosmetics Besuti draft series steadily release. While a general cosmetics, products that maintain the functionality, that you have to focus on every year of functional improvement.

This series, which was announced on the basis of many years of clinical experience, △ really depending on the efficacy of such toner △ whitening strengthening vitamin placenta essence △ coercive humidity cocoon oil △ skin regeneration cream △ Aqua Gel △ cooling pack △ mild water-soluble sunscreen It was composed in all seven Te.

The actual product, skin irritation minimization of course, for functional improvement, the past eight years, but description of company officials that it was through the clinical and validation in patients with 3,000 images each year. Especially a cooling pack Besuti no M Pack and water supply Aqua Gel Besuti no G Plus is exposed to ultraviolet light, and used immediately, it was found that it is possible to see a significant effect.

He and black baked sedative effect in hot distance skin together, of course, also be referred to help to eliminate the flash.

Most products other basic ingredients, utilizing material obtained in nature. For example, if truly a toner Besuti no R Plus, lotus which is known to be effective in protecting the skin burnt UV and daylight flowers, made by utilizing such chamomile flower extract.

In addition to the bamboo and papaya extract components that make me keep the skin oil moisture balance. Without using another artificial cooling agents, skin sedation attached to the light of the sun, it will provide a cooling sensation.

Besuti no Central Institute, the basic raw materials of cosmetics for the treatment and prevention image, when you look at the. Use the order in which they are constructed around and minerals, first, really toner (Besuti no R plus) in In established a skin, it is necessary to supply water to the Aqua Gel (Besuti no G plus). Finally it is possible to obtain satisfactory results I felt that if lowering the temperature in the cooling pack (Besuti no M Pack) and I said.

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Condition ho thorn thing, the popular drama microorganisms package unveiled

CJ health care condition ho thorn thing, is Sokuta of characters who were tired of the work and organizational life of a popular drama microorganisms package unveiled drama emerged as a drink that heals thirst

CJ health care, the hangover beverage can be condition ho thorns, was to newly Sonboyotodago the 4th clear the hero package that image has entered the popular drama microorganism of cable channel tvN. In this time was released microorganism package, hero Imushiwan (chapter Yes role), Isonmin (Osanshiku Station), luminal (晏嬰 reverse) is with a bright laugh figure crossed the shoulder.

This product, which appeared in the drink that heals work with the thirst of the characters who were tired of the organizational life of the drama. If you look around in Hotoge that it was hidden in the drama to see the microorganisms it is going to be another fun. Drama is one that is polarizing the work microorganism of 2012 of popular cartoonist Yunteho, it is loved by viewers who portrays the sadness and joy of the company employee to Real.

Condition ho thorns that are leading the Hotoge beverage market since it was launched in the concept of 2010 heal the next day thirst.

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Show off the video Medicine Scientific Meeting latest solutions of 2013

GE health care, and show off your video Medical Society Scientific Meeting latest solutions of 2013

GE Healthcare, in the 69th video Medical Association Scientific Meeting of the to be held in Seoul COEX 9 to 12, was in the plans to droves showcase the latest medical solutions and medical equipment the 8th clear .

GE Healthcare in this academic competition,: this way the medical staff on the theme of GE of patient care ring suite clearer image, solutions that give confidence that can be more accurate and highly specialized diagnostic, Patients plans to publish a state-of-the-art equipment and solutions that minimize discomfort or pain at the time of diagnosis, the radiation exposure to a minimum. Reduce the noise generated at the time of tofu magnetic resonance image (MRI) shooting, further construct a comfortable examination environment silent scan (Silent Scan) is introduced. Silent scan is mounted on that can be excellent image acquisition at 3.0 Tesla MRI Discovery MR750w DV24 (photo). Pain of mammography to reduce, 3-dimensional digital breast tomography apparatus with improved accuracy Seno Claire (SenoClaire) is introduced. In addition, ultrasound equipment logic E9 (Logiq E9), Smart (SMART) (domestic permit before obtaining products) technology, the contrast agent and the Ocala Park (Visipaque), omni scan (Omniscan), such as next-generation contrast agent that specializes in the diagnosis of liver cancer Sonazoido (Sonazoid) has also been introduced.

GE Healthcare Korea of ​​Rorenroti foot (Laurent Rotival) president, to spread the differentiated image diagnostic medicine techniques for both patients and medical staff of GE health care through This opportunity, more patients that He stated that the wish to be able to benefit.

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Gastric acid secretion suppression new drug clinical results immediately published

CJ health care, gastric acid secretion suppression new drug clinical results published immediately

  copy; News1

Announces CJ12420 results of a clinical first phase at the 19th upper gastrointestinal tract Society Symposium

(Seoul = News 1) Gohyonsoku press = CJ health care (representative Gu~akudaruu~on) was published on the 16th of the clinical progress of the gastric acid secretion inhibitory drugs of new mechanisms currently in development (Title CJ12420).

CJ12420 is expected to potassium competition gastric acid secretion inhibition (Potassium Competitive Acid Blocker, PCAB) the results of the clinical Phase 1 at the 19th upper digestive tract Society International Symposium in the new drug of mechanisms will be announced.

Secretion inhibitor of gastric acid, peptic ulcers, by suppressing gastric acid secretion by the agent being used, for example, GERD disease a therapeutic effect. Of these, gastroesophageal reflux disease, say Hakoitami, a state in which the appearance of unpleasant symptoms and complications such as cough by the above-mentioned contents of secretion has been flowing back into the esophagus in a typical diseases caused by stomach acid.

A change in diet and lifestyle, the number of patients suffering from a globally GERD disease is steadily increasing.

According to the press release of the Health Insurance Review Agency, the number of patients in Japan gastroesophageal reflux disease, in 2012 standard 3.36 million people, since 2008, was found to be increased by an annual average of 14.2.

That therapeutic agent market Jantaku, Roseku, Pariet, pre-bar seed, 1 trillion or more global blockbuster products such as Nexium is most lineup. Among PPI (proton pump inhibitor) system drugs global market 25 trillion won, the domestic market 253 billion won (2012 standard) has been leading the market in scale.

However, after the PPI-based drugs are taking, take a few days up to a maximum of effect expression, there is a disadvantage that nighttime gastric acid secretion suppression force is weak.

CJ12420 of new PCAB mechanisms, showed a high gastric acid secretion inhibitory effect at high speed compared to a clinical one that took place in previous PPI system of global blockbuster drug Nexium (in dyed prazoles).

According to the clinical results to date, CJ12420 is time to effect expression time compared to existing PPI formulation (onset time) is very short, me quickly to eliminate the symptoms of the patient. And it is expected to be superior mountain secretion inhibitory ability even at night.

CJ health care officials can significantly improve the drawbacks of the drugs of the existing PPI which is superior in safety, it is expected as an innovative therapeutic agents secured to safety, he said.

In patients with a clinical two-phase reflux esophagitis disease, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Asan Hospital, at 12 major hospitals, including such as Sinchon Severance Hospital, it was recently completed.

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Global Eco Leaders completion ceremony of youth target

LG Household & Health Care, Global Eco Leaders completion ceremony of the youth target

LG life health is the 14th in conjunction with the environmental NGO Eco heart Korea, was appropriate environmental and social contribution program global eco-leader for the purpose of change of the conscious habits and environmental awareness in the closing ceremony.

This event, to end the global eco-leader program to support the development of environment circle of school on the basis of primary and secondary school of the year one year, such as to commend the excellent youth environmental leaders, Korean young people in 2014 it has been provided as a place to confirm the change of awareness of the environment.

And in good faith carry out the process of was carried out for 1 year global eco-leader, the 500 people youth that has been training as an environmental leader, awarded the appointment letter of the Environment Department, to elect the 20 people of the youth that excellent activity sets off , Ministry of the Environment Secretary Award, Seoul Mayor’s Prize, it was awarded the Seoul city education impressions.

Together LG life health and environmental NGO Eco heart Korea, also in 2015, UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), an international environmental agency of the UN under the umbrella based on the development of environment circle of school units, the United Nations Association of the World Federation (WFUNA ), etc. and an enlarged cooperation, such as going to change the Korean youth environmental awareness, it is persistently expanding to go planning a social contribution project to foster global environmental leader.

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Weight loss supplements Jay maid information released _0

JW Chugai new drug, weight loss supplements Jay maid Chung sale

JW Chugai new drugs to strengthen the capture of domestic obesity drug market.

JW home and abroad of new drugs, a subsidiary of JW Holdings, revealed on the 15th that it has entered a full-fledged marketing activities to announce is a weight loss supplement Jay maid lock (photo).

Jay maid is Chung natural dietary fiber to Diet To products as a main component alginic acid is a medicine that will help the weight loss through a reduction in food intake. Alginic acid seaweed polysaccharides present in brown algae, such as kelp, natural fiber, increasing satiety in said volume is expanded, the effect of reducing the amount of natural diet. In particular, since it is a component of the soluble fiber, such as fasting, are side effects such as constipation which is displayed when the general progression of the diet is characterized by minimized. JW domestic and overseas new drug Other Jay made constant, such as the newly released two types of obesity treatment in this year, is a plan that has spurred the obesity drug market capture.

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Officially launched … 2020 sales of 1 trillion goal

CJ health care official announcement … 2020 sales of 1 trillion goal

CJ first sugar pharmaceutical sector was officially launched in CJ health care is a constraint specialized subsidiary of the group.

CJ health care, Gimuchoruha representative is a joint representative in CJ Human Resources Council of Naka-ku, Pil-dong, Seoul, and one day clearly Gu~akudaruu~on representative and key officers and employees 500 people more than the group has made a sail-type in that participated It was.

Gu~akudaruu~on CJ health care representative director, revealed through the innovative RD and aggressive investment, and domestic as well as pharmaceutical expert to leap as a global leader in the pharmaceutical market, said aspirations.

CJ was decided to inject the constraints department based on the policy of the February group. CJ health care, to concentrate new drugs and development and corporate power in the development of differentiated products of biopharmaceuticals, are planning to be reborn in the global pharmaceutical company of 1 trillion won in 2020 sales.

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The four ErbB targeted anti-cancer agent Geo trip domestic market capture

Four ErbB targeted anti-cancer agent Geo trip domestic market capture

Peme Trek seed cisplatin extension of PFS 4.2 months compared to, cisplatin Gem Shea turbine ratio 5.4 months extension … tolerance suppression, delay

(No common name Oh party, afatinib) Geo trip non-small cell lung cancer targeted anti-cancer agent of Boehringer Ingelheim △ EGFR (ErbB1) △ HER2 (ErbB2) △ ErbB3 △ ErbB4 4 one of ErbB called ErbB Family, etc. suppression of the target block and the tolerance of the mutant group, to set a strong efficacy of such delay, won the first national approval in the second generation of the target anti-cancer agent.

The company is the 12th, held a geo-trip press conference in Seoul small Oyakehora Westin Chosun Hotel, introduced the major clinical and therapeutic advantages. This medicine last month on the 29th, EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) from the Food and Drug destination locally advanced there is a change of activity or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC, NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer) as the primary treatment of patients It was approved. In July and October 2013, it was granted respectively in the US and Europe.

This drug, LUXLung 3 and LUXLung 6 .LUXLung 3 and LUXLung 6 clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy through clinical trials, such as is done in the target the EGFR mutation-positive non-small cell lung cancer patients so far was is the largest registered clinical research programs in the three-phase clinical trials.

Study of LUXLung 3 is, to subject the EGFR mutation non-small cell lung cancer patients 345 people, is a clinical trial comparing the Geo trip administration group and Peme Trek seed (Pemetrexed) cisplatin (cisplatin) administered in combination group. Progression-free survival results Geo trip administered group of study (PFS, progressivefree survial) in 11.1 months, it showed improved results from 6.9 months in the control group.

Targeting 346 patients with EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer study that was done of LUXLung 6, a clinical trial comparing the Geo trip administration group and cisplatin Gem Shea turbine combined administration group. Result progression-free survival of Geo trip administered group of research it was found that was extended than the 5.6 months of chemotherapy group at 11 months.

Dark Van knee Kirk Korea Boehringer Ingelheim president Boehringer Ingelheim, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, based on the technology that has been cultivated in the diabetes market, was supposed to be geo-trip in the field of anti-cancer agents and then he said, to show off the innovative treatment necessary at the beginning and cancer patients the next generation of non-small cell lung cancer targeted anti-cancer agents Geo trip .

Bakugunchiru Samsung Seoul hospital blood tumor internal medicine professor who participated as speakers of the day announced the development situation and treatment overview of lung cancer, 7-80’s lung cancer, was four to five months only and not live disease after diagnosis was, but whether discovery and using the targeted anti-cancer agent is a greatly improve the survival rate, the future treatment of lung cancer biomarkers (biomarker) is, without resistance a long period of time can be used to target anti-cancer agent has he said important it .

Then because he has some therapeutic agents while coexist in the market, while representing the meaning must give the various alternative patient, it came out new drugs when viewed from the patient standpoint and just, existing therapeutic agent is defined as not bleeding on the market weave patients see the effect as rather existing therapeutic drugs, he said wonder are also patients with new drug hear well.

Jo Byung-chul Yonsei Severance Hospital Medical Oncology Professor, announced the Geo trip of the main results of clinical research, Geo trip, targets such as the idealized player who won the gold medal in this Sochi Winter Olympics speed skating an anti-cancer agent, Iressa, the first generation of therapeutic agents such as Tarceva by suppressing alone EGFR, lung cancer growth and other organ metastases, Geo trip four ErbB mutations that showed the limits of such survival rate It said that he has a strong anti-cancer force to block the group.

Subsequently, a large LUXLung 3 results of the comparison of chemotherapy and geo trip commonly used to EGFR mutation patients with clinical, Geo trip administration group, for about one year (11.1 months), tumor growth is set to showed promising results have not, side effects were diarrhea, said adjustable level about skin rashes.

Cancer Min Ju Boehringer Ingelheim Medicine director Geo trip is different from the existing therapeutic agents, tumor cell growth, metastasis, continuously and extensively blocking the ErbB Family receptors are important paths that help metabolism as The risk of resistance is greatly reduced, he said next-generation non-small cell lung cancer targeting anti-cancer agent obtained by delaying the time the resistance appears.

Geo trip, such as the first generation drugs existing who received approved primary therapeutic indications of the patient’s condition which is not yet Gupuyofa.

Boehringer Ingelheim official, said, expected to receive the insurance benefits of the primary therapeutic agent to Health Insurance Review Agency and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in out fast.

Professor Cho also that it has received permission as the primary drug is true that many patients that have not been yet insurance coverage can not be benefited situation was not seen an effect as one generation of therapeutic agent as Geo trip is spread to the patient, the government said hope Dopugiru.

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Check the efficacy of the Pfizer development anticoagulant

Check the efficacy of BMS Pfizer development anticoagulant

BMS and Pfizer, the two companies revealed the past 30 days showed the same effect as the standard treatment for patients with anti-blood clotting agent Erikuu~isu (Eliquis) acute venous thromboembolism developed.

Moreover, in Erikisu primary safety assessment, it was found that reduced the bleeding relatively 69 than the existing standard treatment agents.

Erikuu~isu (generic name Oh Pixar and a half, Apixaban) is a drug that BMS and Pfizer jointly developed, as a therapeutic agent to prevent acute venous thromboembolism from patients who received the option of hip surgery and knee replacement surgery in Europe, etc. approved, it is a state that does not appear authorization still in the United States.

About 1 million patients at about 90 million patients and Europe it found that receive a diagnosis of each year acute venous thromboembolism in the United States.

In this study, it has been conducted on the 5395 patients, after the patient is allowed to take two times a day for 7 days Erikuu~isu 10mg, were taken twice daily 5mg thereafter, the standard treatment We compared the results.


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☞ hot summer, hot head …. hair scalp method

☞lsquo; real rsquo of God; acai colon cancer prevention

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May the bride, ritual and refrain from liposuction inquiry more

May of the bride, more ritual and refrain from liposuction inquiry

Full-fledged is a season of wedding in April and May was greeted bride arm of liposuction the mind is impatient, inquiry of liposuction of the abdomen has increased. When wearing a wedding dress, since the arms and belly are toxic emphasized, it is possible to guess that it is the species of greatest concern.

Preliminary bride before marriage with an emphasis on only to weight loss weight unconditionally, simply or hunger, to lose weight is often in excessive exercise. However, if suddenly lose weight, it can be seen to enter from the age turned face Salman feeling.

Not good to lose weight in a hurry because, at least two months, it is desirable to the diet from the lot held for 3 months ago. In addition, even during the diet, vitamins, minerals, protein, so as such does not miss also not evenly Shi must use care diet of three meals a day as insufficient.

Diet and specific sites that have not been resolved in the movement, it is possible to manage in liposuction surgery. The arm portion and before the convex and rear convex part of the side when you wear a dress, is a part that is the most care. Meat of this part, even as body weight fell, because minus difficult part, there is a need for medical and professional management, such as injection lipolysis treatment and liposuction surgery.

For treatment, or buy a fat HPL fat Te decomposed, it is possible to reduce the portion size of the required through devices therapies such as extracorporeal shock wave, high frequency operation. However, because there are things that are part of the injection treatment hurt, it is good to finish the management at least two weeks before you wear a dress.

Also, I can liposuction also becomes a reliable way. Do~unsaru and arms and to the side portions when wearing dresses, as the visible part to have the most prominent, by removing the fat through a liposuction, it can be seen a great effect in a short period of time. However liposuction, because there are things that bruising and swelling is accompanied by a certain period of time, and to receive from one and a half months with a margin of about 2 months.

Seoul, Daejeon, 365mc isononyl Chairman put the liposuction center in Busan, ldquo; If you reduce severely the amount of food in order to wear a wedding dress, without the meat of the necessary parts to enter, such as the face and chest , so that falling Salman sites you do not want bottom line of the punching. It is therefore rdquo is a sensible way to plan a healthy and effective diet through consultation with experts; and advised.

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