The four ErbB targeted anti-cancer agent Geo trip domestic market capture

Four ErbB targeted anti-cancer agent Geo trip domestic market capture

Peme Trek seed cisplatin extension of PFS 4.2 months compared to, cisplatin Gem Shea turbine ratio 5.4 months extension … tolerance suppression, delay

(No common name Oh party, afatinib) Geo trip non-small cell lung cancer targeted anti-cancer agent of Boehringer Ingelheim △ EGFR (ErbB1) △ HER2 (ErbB2) △ ErbB3 △ ErbB4 4 one of ErbB called ErbB Family, etc. suppression of the target block and the tolerance of the mutant group, to set a strong efficacy of such delay, won the first national approval in the second generation of the target anti-cancer agent.

The company is the 12th, held a geo-trip press conference in Seoul small Oyakehora Westin Chosun Hotel, introduced the major clinical and therapeutic advantages. This medicine last month on the 29th, EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) from the Food and Drug destination locally advanced there is a change of activity or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC, NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer) as the primary treatment of patients It was approved. In July and October 2013, it was granted respectively in the US and Europe.

This drug, LUXLung 3 and LUXLung 6 .LUXLung 3 and LUXLung 6 clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy through clinical trials, such as is done in the target the EGFR mutation-positive non-small cell lung cancer patients so far was is the largest registered clinical research programs in the three-phase clinical trials.

Study of LUXLung 3 is, to subject the EGFR mutation non-small cell lung cancer patients 345 people, is a clinical trial comparing the Geo trip administration group and Peme Trek seed (Pemetrexed) cisplatin (cisplatin) administered in combination group. Progression-free survival results Geo trip administered group of study (PFS, progressivefree survial) in 11.1 months, it showed improved results from 6.9 months in the control group.

Targeting 346 patients with EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer study that was done of LUXLung 6, a clinical trial comparing the Geo trip administration group and cisplatin Gem Shea turbine combined administration group. Result progression-free survival of Geo trip administered group of research it was found that was extended than the 5.6 months of chemotherapy group at 11 months.

Dark Van knee Kirk Korea Boehringer Ingelheim president Boehringer Ingelheim, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, based on the technology that has been cultivated in the diabetes market, was supposed to be geo-trip in the field of anti-cancer agents and then he said, to show off the innovative treatment necessary at the beginning and cancer patients the next generation of non-small cell lung cancer targeted anti-cancer agents Geo trip .

Bakugunchiru Samsung Seoul hospital blood tumor internal medicine professor who participated as speakers of the day announced the development situation and treatment overview of lung cancer, 7-80’s lung cancer, was four to five months only and not live disease after diagnosis was, but whether discovery and using the targeted anti-cancer agent is a greatly improve the survival rate, the future treatment of lung cancer biomarkers (biomarker) is, without resistance a long period of time can be used to target anti-cancer agent has he said important it .

Then because he has some therapeutic agents while coexist in the market, while representing the meaning must give the various alternative patient, it came out new drugs when viewed from the patient standpoint and just, existing therapeutic agent is defined as not bleeding on the market weave patients see the effect as rather existing therapeutic drugs, he said wonder are also patients with new drug hear well.

Jo Byung-chul Yonsei Severance Hospital Medical Oncology Professor, announced the Geo trip of the main results of clinical research, Geo trip, targets such as the idealized player who won the gold medal in this Sochi Winter Olympics speed skating an anti-cancer agent, Iressa, the first generation of therapeutic agents such as Tarceva by suppressing alone EGFR, lung cancer growth and other organ metastases, Geo trip four ErbB mutations that showed the limits of such survival rate It said that he has a strong anti-cancer force to block the group.

Subsequently, a large LUXLung 3 results of the comparison of chemotherapy and geo trip commonly used to EGFR mutation patients with clinical, Geo trip administration group, for about one year (11.1 months), tumor growth is set to showed promising results have not, side effects were diarrhea, said adjustable level about skin rashes.

Cancer Min Ju Boehringer Ingelheim Medicine director Geo trip is different from the existing therapeutic agents, tumor cell growth, metastasis, continuously and extensively blocking the ErbB Family receptors are important paths that help metabolism as The risk of resistance is greatly reduced, he said next-generation non-small cell lung cancer targeting anti-cancer agent obtained by delaying the time the resistance appears.

Geo trip, such as the first generation drugs existing who received approved primary therapeutic indications of the patient’s condition which is not yet Gupuyofa.

Boehringer Ingelheim official, said, expected to receive the insurance benefits of the primary therapeutic agent to Health Insurance Review Agency and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in out fast.

Professor Cho also that it has received permission as the primary drug is true that many patients that have not been yet insurance coverage can not be benefited situation was not seen an effect as one generation of therapeutic agent as Geo trip is spread to the patient, the government said hope Dopugiru.

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Check the efficacy of the Pfizer development anticoagulant

Check the efficacy of BMS Pfizer development anticoagulant

BMS and Pfizer, the two companies revealed the past 30 days showed the same effect as the standard treatment for patients with anti-blood clotting agent Erikuu~isu (Eliquis) acute venous thromboembolism developed.

Moreover, in Erikisu primary safety assessment, it was found that reduced the bleeding relatively 69 than the existing standard treatment agents.

Erikuu~isu (generic name Oh Pixar and a half, Apixaban) is a drug that BMS and Pfizer jointly developed, as a therapeutic agent to prevent acute venous thromboembolism from patients who received the option of hip surgery and knee replacement surgery in Europe, etc. approved, it is a state that does not appear authorization still in the United States.

About 1 million patients at about 90 million patients and Europe it found that receive a diagnosis of each year acute venous thromboembolism in the United States.

In this study, it has been conducted on the 5395 patients, after the patient is allowed to take two times a day for 7 days Erikuu~isu 10mg, were taken twice daily 5mg thereafter, the standard treatment We compared the results.


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May the bride, ritual and refrain from liposuction inquiry more

May of the bride, more ritual and refrain from liposuction inquiry

Full-fledged is a season of wedding in April and May was greeted bride arm of liposuction the mind is impatient, inquiry of liposuction of the abdomen has increased. When wearing a wedding dress, since the arms and belly are toxic emphasized, it is possible to guess that it is the species of greatest concern.

Preliminary bride before marriage with an emphasis on only to weight loss weight unconditionally, simply or hunger, to lose weight is often in excessive exercise. However, if suddenly lose weight, it can be seen to enter from the age turned face Salman feeling.

Not good to lose weight in a hurry because, at least two months, it is desirable to the diet from the lot held for 3 months ago. In addition, even during the diet, vitamins, minerals, protein, so as such does not miss also not evenly Shi must use care diet of three meals a day as insufficient.

Diet and specific sites that have not been resolved in the movement, it is possible to manage in liposuction surgery. The arm portion and before the convex and rear convex part of the side when you wear a dress, is a part that is the most care. Meat of this part, even as body weight fell, because minus difficult part, there is a need for medical and professional management, such as injection lipolysis treatment and liposuction surgery.

For treatment, or buy a fat HPL fat Te decomposed, it is possible to reduce the portion size of the required through devices therapies such as extracorporeal shock wave, high frequency operation. However, because there are things that are part of the injection treatment hurt, it is good to finish the management at least two weeks before you wear a dress.

Also, I can liposuction also becomes a reliable way. Do~unsaru and arms and to the side portions when wearing dresses, as the visible part to have the most prominent, by removing the fat through a liposuction, it can be seen a great effect in a short period of time. However liposuction, because there are things that bruising and swelling is accompanied by a certain period of time, and to receive from one and a half months with a margin of about 2 months.

Seoul, Daejeon, 365mc isononyl Chairman put the liposuction center in Busan, ldquo; If you reduce severely the amount of food in order to wear a wedding dress, without the meat of the necessary parts to enter, such as the face and chest , so that falling Salman sites you do not want bottom line of the punching. It is therefore rdquo is a sensible way to plan a healthy and effective diet through consultation with experts; and advised.

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HRS, international dental machine Materials Exhibition participation … dentist subject room Dentod

HRS, international dental machine materials Exhibition participation … dentist subject room Dentodemo

Ltd. HRS and participated in SIDEX was held 2014 (Seoul International Dental Equipment Exhibition) in three days COEX from leaving 9 days to 11 days the 12th, revealed.

SIDEX 2014 is held in 958 booths over the previous year more than 40 booths has increased tail stem implant, emerging, Bateku, identity dental, GC Korea such as 24 countries 303 companies participated in addition to the HRS.

In this event, it participated in about 14 000 people over, including the dentist 6700 people and 900 people of staff, was carried out in successive maximum scale.

HRS officials, during the exhibition period, the demonstration 400 people of dentists and buyers find room Dent the booth of HRS (Sildent) directly, check the excellent quality, under a positive evaluation of the product It explained that was .

HRS was founded in 1981, it has been preparing to expand into the field of medical equipment in the market from the end of 2007 as a specialized company of silicon, which has been a 33-year silicon business. 2009 Starting that it has received a KGMP approval of year-end dental impression material, CE, certified by FDA, currently doing the CFDA authentication.

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Quality certification of five combination vaccine

Quality certification of the five combination vaccine WHO of LG Life Sciences

LG Life Sciences, for the first time in the country, their own dissemination night blanking State 5 combination vaccine that has succeeded in developing (photo) is the 27th has been acquired quality certification from the World Health Organization (WHO), I was in the clear.

This quality certification, to prequalification authentication of the evaluation of the quality of pharmaceutical products based on the WHO criteria, UNICEF is the United Nations under the umbrella agency at the time of authentication (UNICEF), the participation of international rescue bid etc. Bomumi Health Organization (PAHO) is sponsored by and supply qualification is given.

Diffusion night blanking week, even while many occurred in infants under the age of 5, 5 to prevent fatality rate is high five of illness (diphtheria tetanus pertussis hepatitis B meningitis) at the same time is in the combination vaccine, is verified raw material of security and process of the peculiarities in due WHO companies that hold quality certification is difficult to develop enough not only globally five companies, including LG Life Sciences has, is a vaccine that requires high technology.

LG Life Sciences, through the quality certification of this WHO, South America and entered into a participation supply contracts to international bidding of large-scale combination vaccine of the United Nations under the umbrella organization, Asia, also individual export expansion in the Middle East region promoted is set to be that 5 in the development in the added through the development of combination vaccine of the combination vaccine liquid formulation and the next generation, the future, and revealed with the United Nations relief stand to bid market the 1-position of the company .

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▶ 88 people Japanese were transferred viewed as Dokdo. How?

▶ and LPGA Korean American Lydia, the youngest winner

▶ Following Ede~yutepua has soared to Hausupua. Why not?

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April seasonal food, octopus Codonopsis such as … Why say

April thing of season, 039; octopus Codonopsis 039; such as … Why say

Image area of ​​the body

  Octopus cuisine 39; spring season 39; 39; April 39 season; / photo = image today Money Week MNB, those all of the distribution franchise establishment

National Health octopus insurance in the April seasonal food, Codonopsis, fan-mussel, tuna, turban shell, sea squirts, Shirayamagiku, healing, I introduced that of nine such as cod in the bud.

Octopus is popular by issuing a first taste egg is full filled in ahead of the spawning season in the spring.

Octopus is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and contain unsaturated fatty acids in large amounts, such as DHA, essential amino acids is good for rich diet with a low-calorie foods of 47㎉ per 100g.

In addition, the octopus is included many good taurine to fatigue, it is a good healthy food to students and office workers.

Codonopsis is rich at the same time dietary fiber and minerals and some food to restore the spring of taste at a characteristic aroma and taste, because it gives a feeling of fullness, it is also useful in the diet.

In addition, Codonopsis was to go help to remove the lung used as a medicine of sputum and cough.

In the soothing herbal is a typical spring of herbs, it’s a treasure trove of nutrition as was Yakujeryo used to treat abdominal pain. Vessels to expand and, at the same time is durable, promote blood circulation, have a potency to enhance cell.

It is also ideal for Diet bets giving lower cholesterol levels.

In addition to this, fan-mussel to lower cholesterol, protein-rich tuna and Araliaceae, the sky that gives the heat of the body, and the like as good Hoya, food, etc. of April season Shirayamagiku for discharging the sodium in the body to high blood pressure.

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Patient 43 people Sales 20 billion Blue Ocean rare drug

[Medicine] 43 people sales patients 20 billion Blue Ocean rare drug

Last year interpretation is intended for rare is refractory disease PNH (paroxysmal nocturnal Hyorusekusonyo disease) 43 patients, raised the sales of 20 billion won. PNH is, incurable disease patients life-threatening, have been prescribed this injection instead of dialysis or steroid. Seo release is 2012, the drug of Germany and South Korea has been introduced in the country are imported from overseas manufacturers Alex Sion. Small number of patients, have seen the light value of rare disease drugs has been ignored is the reason that there is no economic benefit. If you look at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new drug approval status, the percentage of new drug approval of the scarcity drug is fairly high near 50.

Scarcity drug in 2013 criteria are accounted for sales 12.9 of all pharmaceuticals. In 2013 basis, sales of the world’s rarities pharmaceuticals in $ 90 billion, it is expected to increase about 2 times and about $ 176 billion in 2020. In clinical permit institutions of developed countries, by applying the fast track (fast track), to shorten the clinical period of orphan drug, after the development is complete also, we have done a variety of tax incentives and cost savings. In particular, it has made some of the support and highly profitable reliable protection from governments to average 7 times higher treatment costs compared to other medicines for the value of rarity.

According to the health insurance examination center, prescriptions Korean orphan drug in 2013, and 142 increases as compared to 2009 were recorded 1441 billion won. Import medicines Of this amount accounted for more than 85. Per capita salary payments also mostly imported drugs patients of 2013 occupies the top. Solaris accounted for Ranked # 3. 1 place thirty-five constraints imported and glaciers admission week ‘salary per patient 500 million 22 million won has been supported by (Myukoda party certificate therapeutic agents). Novo Novo Seven Ultimatum week of Nordisk pharmaceutical’ (blood Tomo disease patients hemorrhage therapeutic agents) also accounted for second place in the 400 million 66 million won. In particular, this product, revenue of the previous year has increased 72. import items of medicine every year incurable disease increases, this ranking every year new After the medicine has appeared, it has changed.

Thus, in the domestic incurable disease therapeutics market revenue is absolutely dominant situation than domestic production. Actually rare disease of domestic therapeutic agent, since a handful, it is pointed out that we need aggressive development support of government. Rare medicines produced domestically to date are only 14 items. △ treatment of Green Cross Hunter syndrome (Hunter hydrolase) △ course Epujisugoshe disease treatment agent (child Busochinju), Fabry disease treatment agent (fur Vaga Orge) △ youth Palm ALS progression inhibitor of (youth neuro solution) and the like are typical It is there.

Recently, domestic companies also began promoting global clinical for overseas expansion. Green Cross has succeeded in the development of Hunter syndrome treatment agent to second in the world in 2012, Hunter hydrolase (generic name Lito sulfa drug beta). Until Hunter hydrolase released in the United States Genzyme of Made in Erapura (generic name Lito sulfa drug) had a monopoly on the world market. Green Cross is not only the domestic market, exports of the Hunter hydrolase to the Middle East and Asia the initiated. In the future, I have promoted the third phase for the expansion into the United States and China market (late).

If you want to exceed the domestic production maximum amount 1.5 billion won is unusual about the specified maintenance requirements in the country, it is a situation where the institutional support, such as to exclude from support, such as research and development tax credit is insufficient. Although legislation to be able to relax well as regulatory standards of clinical trials for rare intractable drug even in the Diet has been initiative, bill passing is delayed. Ministry of Health and Welfare official, South Korea be introduced, such as risk sharing agents, expensive for anti-cancer drugs and rare disease therapeutic agents new drug to target, etc., since me once to the permit, evaluation of effectiveness It said it would have implemented such a system to adjust the price based on.

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Receive insurance application of the implant surgery when 50 of the elderly from the July

Receive insurance application of the implant surgery when 50 of the elderly from July

  Photo: Health Korea DB

Health and welfare policy is changed from the second half of this year. Conventionally, it became the application of if health insurance have to use six or more upon hospitalization, from September Even with quadruple, can be subject to health insurance. Health insurance of the implant, vaccination of pneumonia, also has changed, such as non-salary system. Please check the changed health and welfare policy and detailed items.

◇ system that changes from July

Ten thousand health insurance is applied to the implant treatment of more than 75 years of age

When the insurance benefits are applied, it is possible to receive treatment in the 50 burden of. Insurance application subject is a case where some of the full 75 years or more teeth does not exist (edentulous except), the number of insurance coverage applies to two per capita of back teeth. However, it is possible to apply the salary in the front teeth when the doctor and implanted in the posterior teeth are difficult to determine. The elderly of implant health insurance apply age next year ten thousand 70 years of age or older, the year after it plans to expand in stages at 65 years of age or older. Incurable disease of the following significant subject 20, chronic diseases who may be borne by only 30.

  And established a 24-hour disaster and emergency medical situation room

Installing the 24-hour disaster and emergency medical situation room in the National Medical Center Central Emergency Medical Center. 119 in conjunction the situation room and real-time information to recognize the occurrence of the accident in early medical staff is mobilized quickly. The disaster and emergency medical situation room, such as a physician nurses who have specialized knowledge of first aid and disaster medical care are placed. We usually manage the present situation of emergency medical resources such as hospital beds and ambulances and helicopters, to re-transfer the no emergency patients where can you received in other medical institutions. It runs such as real-time hospital beds reserved and patient distributed and field medical staff dispatched instructions when disaster occurs.

New long-term care 5 rating in the long-term care insurance for the elderly

In it established a long-term care 5 grade, targeting mild dementia patients who experience difficulties in everyday life, and to provide long-term care services from July 1. To target the dementia patient’s family to use the elderly care integrated services or long-term care system that is tired of the long-term care, so they can break the year up to six days, to implement the family vacation system of dementia.

◇ system that changes from August

  Over 65 years of age, regardless of the address, pneumococcal free nationwide all health centers vaccination

Step-by-step improvement of selected medical care system along the three generations direction of the non-salary system improvement

Select medical system’s system to bear the patient the full cost to claim an additional 20 to 100 of the health insurance medical expenses at the time of diagnosis of more than 10 years of career of medical institutions specialized for the hospital. 8 calculation rate is reduced to 15 to 50 from May, the burden of the patients an average of 35 to decrease. Specified percentage of selection practice physicians, is reduced in stages from the current hospital-star mark 80 to the medical subjects by 30 to 2016.

◇ system that varies from September

expand the general beds that health insurance will be applied from the current six to Quadruple

1-5 room, in addition to the basic entrance fee, patients have to pay the full amount by adding a senior bed fee. Future disappear senior bed fee of 4 room 5 room, it may be the burden of the 20-30 level of the entrance fee prescribed by health insurance. In the case of severe disease and incurable patients, such as cancer, it may be the burden of 5-10.

/ Kwon My Lai health Korea intern reporter

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The body show Choi Yo Jin Yusun’oku, slim body vs healthy body

[MW Photo] The Body Show Choi Yo Jin Yusun’oku, 039; slim body vs healthy body 039;

Image area of ​​the body

  (From left) Cheyojin, Yusun’oku

On-style program The Body Show (production Yunhyonsoku) production announced the Board of the 3rd afternoon, Cheyojin, Yu ball is taking a pause in which was held in Seoul Mapo Sangam CJ EM Center.

The Body Show is discussed frankly the trouble of female body, is beginning Cheyojin the (MC) studied at Japan’s first stylish body program to be released, Moderuyusun’oku, the singer Lady Jane appeared. Broadcast from 21:00 come April 6.

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It was surgery in elderly implant in July and later 70-year-old

It was surgery in elderly implant in July after the 70-year-old, if the parents of more than 70 years of age are planning to implant, would be better able to delay on or after July. Because the implant subjects who receive the support of health insurance is extended to more than 70 years of age from July. If health insurance is applied, the implant surgery cost, which has been the burden of 1390000-1800000 won is low at about 60 million won per one. The implant surgery health insurance application of up to 65 years from the next year be expanded. Carried out from 2012 the denture insurance coverage also be expanded to more than 70 years from this year. The number of the application of the health insurance, are two life, regardless of the position under the gums, is salary applies to both back teeth and front teeth (posterior teeth only when the implant is not possible). Two implants also have received insurance benefits in part dentures can be subject to the salary.

They will the application of enforcement has been scaled also much one year at a time of health insurance from the past July 2013, if you did not have the second half of scaling last year, will be in the 13000-9000 won until the end of June thing I can.

Preventive vaccination of hepatitis A was a wholly self-pay until this also I will support from May from the country. Subject hepatitis A free inoculation in children 12 to 36 months, the National 7000 regardless of the address in a medical institution, can undergo free inoculation. Free inoculation medical institutions, vaccination helper (http: //nip.cdc.go) is a searchable site. Vaccination of the full 65 years of age or older of influenza (flu) is also not only a health center from October, it is possible to receive free of charge, even in the vicinity of a typical hospital clinic.

Testing and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection is also conducted on a first-year high school from July. In addition, only if you receive the latent tuberculosis infection prevention treatment in the health center, but was able to receive for free, even if the prevention and treatment in private medical institutions from July to receive support up to 95 of the self-pay amount of medical expenses.

Nursing expenses and pain and administrative expenses of terminally ill cancer patients from 4 expanded application in July of health insurance of large severe disease, such as cancer heart cerebrovascular rare intractable disease receive hospice palliative care is also subject to the application of medical insurance, the patient’s it has become possible to reduce the burden. From this month, radiation treatment of cancer patients, the eye’s optical tomography examination, even medical insurance benefits are applied five items such as Chonson brainstem (聽性 腦間) transplantation. Radiation treatment of cancer patients, although health insurance only to lung cancer and spine tumor that can not be surgery ever was found, in the future, be expanded to nearly all of the cancer.

When Chonson brain stem transplantation but medical expenses in the surgery to ensure that can be heard by transplanting the electrical equipment in the brains of patients who have lost their hearing reaches 20 million won, it is applied health insurance, the burden on the patient The greatly reduced to two million won. Eyeball optical tomography examination the retina of the eye disease, optic nerve disease, is used in the diagnosis and treatment effect judgment of glaucoma, significantly reduced the burden of 10 million won of the current medical insurance coverage a patient 18 000 won (the foreign standard) to.

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